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Minibus Appeal

One of our focuses of our fundraising efforts since 2011 has been raising money to purchase our own mini-bus.

We use a mini-bus for most of our events. We usually hire these mini-buses from Islington Council, but these are starting to become more and more expensive and harder to get hold of. In some cases we have had to cancel events because the cost of the bus on top of everything else puts them beyond our reach. Having our own mini-bus will allow us to reduce the cost of camps and other activities in the long term. In the short term though it requires a very significant investment.

We have been doing all sorts of activities to raise money and we will update this page with details of how things are going. At present most of our current fundraising efforts have meant the funds are being diverted to other events and activities, the most recent being the camps that we go on as part of our yearly program. More activities are planned and if you have any ideas please do let us know!

Minibus Appeal

Raise money for 1st Islington at no cost to you!

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More information can be found on our Easyfundraising page

eBay auctions

From time to time we sell donated items or redundant equipment on eBay. These are a great way to pick up a bargain and help raise money for the group at the same time.

We do not have any auctions live at the moment – check back for more details

Thank you for you support, every little really does help!

Our thanks go, in particular, to the following for their support: Islington Council, St. James Church, the donators of our data projector who wish to remain anonymous, Tara Support Services, LSE Rosebery Hall, LSE Vacations and our web hosts who provide our site for free.